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History of Google

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The History of Google

From its beginnings in 1997 Google creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin have built and developed the world’s number one search engine. Google’s growth since the 1990’s has gone from strength to strength with developments such as Google’s doodles, Google AdWords, Google Toolbar, Google News, Google Earth to name but a few!

Over the years many search engines have tried to compete with Google with Google holding strong as the market leader across the globe. Google’s competitor Yahoo shifted the market with their search powered by Microsoft’s Bing due, it was reported, to being the default search engine on Firefox Web browsers. This move was temporary as users switched back to Google. Giants such as Apple if a decision is made to replace Google as a default search engine on its Safari browser could become a bigger deal for Google.

For many year individuals whether in the UK, USA, China, Australia or anywhere across the globe have “Googled” and keep on “Googling”. What is for certain is that the world of Google changes and changes again. The impact of these Google changes affects websites and businesses so being abreast of Google’s changes will help your website remain strong with searches and your business strong too.

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The power of Google

Posted 28/4/2016
One phrase that is synonymous with life is there is nothing as certain and death and taxes. One word that is synonymous with search is Google. BBC News Technology correspondent Rory Celian-Jones even goes as far as to say “To search is to Google, to Google is to search”.

Google has certainly since become a dominant force with over 90% of the market in most parts of the world. The question is “Does this one force exert excessive influence over the information we all access?”

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Getty Images accuses Google in competition row

Posted 28/4/2016
In April 2016 the renowned photo agency based in USA Getty Images was reported by BBC News “will file a competition lawsuit with the EU against Google, adding to a long list of European cases against the company” Read More

Getty Images represents photo journalists, content creators and artists across the globe and reportedly believe that Google by displaying images in Google search results “takes away traffic that would otherwise go to Getty’s own website”.

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