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  1. Don’t buy a problem property – buy a survey it will identify any property problems and costs which can be used to negotiate
  2. Have a real expect on your side, with your best interests at heart, unlike an estate agent who works for the vendor – Independent Surveyors working just for you
  3. Know the costs of problems before you buy and have the options and solutions explained clearly.
  4. Do you need a Listed building expert? – our Surveyors specialise and are experts with Listed and Historic buildings
  5. Need a Heritage Statement? We provide reports to help you.
  6. Are You concerned about your listed property? – we understand the characteristics of listed buildings as well as appropriate repair methods and materials and can help and advise You.
  7. We understand the significance of historic buildings and the importance to preserve them – we can help You with Your listed building queries.
  8. Meet your friendly, experienced Surveyor at the property to discuss any issues or your plans for the property
  9. Free Example Surveys – so you can see the enormous depth of our reports before you buy
  10. Tailor-made Survey Reports ensure you are provided with the best survey for your specific requirements
  11. Extending or altering your property? – Need help and 3D drawings Free Phone 0800 298 5424
  12. Problems are explained using Sketches and Photos to help you
  13. System of coloured circles and ovals to clearly pinpoint any areas of concern
  14. Highly qualified Independent Chartered Surveyors with many, many years of experience
  15. Surveyors who are knowledgeable with all Era’s, types and styles of buildings who can identify common property problems and give advice on action required and costs.



  1. Save money fixed costs no chartered surveyors we know do this

We have helped reduce many dilapidations claims and as each dilapidations case is different we tailor make our reports to meet your criteria. We provide a one off Strategic Dilapidations Report where the surveyor would after looking at the schedule of dilaps you have been served, the lease and any other related documents produce a report advising you of the best common sense way forward.

This is as opposed to going to a solicitor to negotiate your dilapidations from day one where the fees charged would be much higher.

  1. Success examples

We have in the past helped clients served with a dilapidations for £65,000 by reducing this amount drastically to £8,000 plus our negotiating fees.

  1. We can do it all for you (and you can get on with other things)

Our surveyors are more than happy to negotiate on your behalf.

We also save you time as well as money as we provide a comprehensive service with a dedicated surveyor and PA at hand that collate and manage your dilapidations case with secure password access to your documents.

Additional Costs –   We charge 10% of the amount saved (the difference between your original dilapidations claim and the final amount) less the cost of the original Strategic Dilapidations Report.

  1. Example of what we do

We will send you an example of a Strategic Dilapidations Report which will give you an idea of the quality and content of our reports.

  1. Helpful Information – Dilapidations costs can increase

You must be aware that the amount the actual dilapidations ends up at can be far more than the figure on the dilapidations claim you have received as it can additionally have fees for design and specification drawings, tendering of the work, supervision and management of the work and also loss of rent, insurance etc. etc.

  1. Independent

All of our dilapidations surveyors are members of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and all work independently.  They are not tied in with any financial institution, freeholder or Management Company so completely have your best interests at heart.


  1. Independent means we work with your best interests that mean we are working just for you – who else is?


  1. Buyer Beware

Building surveys always save you money on things you did not see and allow you to buy a building knowing the facts


  1. Easy to Read – Our reports explain the risks and the solutions & costs and we are happy to meet you at the property and talk to you as much as you want


  1. We are not production line surveyors, we are not owned by Estate agents bank building societies our aim is to produce a great survey that helps you