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Website Traffic

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Website Traffic

Website Traffic

The most important factor of a website is gaining traffic to your website but not just traffic its then converting the traffic to sales.

Analysis of website traffic

There are several ways to analysis website traffic Google Analytics and Statcounter being two we detail here.

Different ways of analysis of websites may give different results historically Google Analytics is said to under report whereas statcounter can over report. What is the most important factor is to find trends and important conclusions to your website traffic not the exact number of visitors from your data.

Unique Website Visitors

A unique visitor who your website means a person who visits the website at least once during the reporting period identified by their IP address the same person/IP address may visit the site many times but will only count as one visitor.

Analysing website data

Website data not only will give you data as to how popular your website is but can be used to find out:-

1. How many unique visitors your website attracted

2. Which search engine key-phrases/keywords the website visitors used to find you website

3. Where your website visitors came from.

4. What path did your website visitors take through your website.

All this data will allow you to understand your website better and how you can make improvements to the amount of visitors, enquiries or sales that your website achieves. After all your website is a tool to inform your customers and to sell your product or services so understanding your website visitors will help you improve on your website visitor experience and thereby generate interest in your product or services.


StatCounter allows you to analysis your website traffic with a free basic service and an advance subscription service. Based in Dublin StatCounter was established by 16 year old Aodhan Cullen who wanted a fast loading counter service that would not slow down a website. StatCounter has the option to have invisible counting and there are no adverts on your website which is unobtrusive tracking and much preferred by many website owners.

StatCounter allows you to set up a free StatCounter account where you can set up a project i.e. your website you will need to add the StatCounter project code into your website which will then report back to your account every time your website has a visitor organising the data into charts and lists so you can analysis the data and make improvements to your website where necessary. StatCounter allows the user to have several projects so if you have more than one website you can add each website as a project and gather information on each website independently.

The free StatCounter service is if you receive under 9,000 page loads a day if you receive more than 9,000 then StatCounter will ask you to either remove the code or upgrade to a subscription service.


StatCounter Analysis

The subscription StatCounter data can be viewed in several ways such as bar graph, area graph or line graph depicting the number of page views, unique visitors and returning visitors. The data can be further broken down into popular pages, entry and exit pages as well as route the traffic came from. Keyword analysis is another service StatCounter provides to enable the website owner to understand a fuller picture of the keywords or key phrases used to search for the website. Drilling down even further the service also provides data as to how long a visitor spent on the website to a visitor map showing where in the world the visitors were located and an area where download activity is logged giving a comprehensive view on visitors to your website.

Google Analytics

Another way of tracking and analysing your website is to use Google Analytics which is another statistics generator with an aesthetically attractive interface which is focussed on goals so you can for example the percentage of visitors who made a purchase from your website or made an enquiry and then focus on ways of improving any weak areas.Like StatCounter Google Analytics have a basic service which is free and an advanced/premium service which is subscription based.Google itself used Google Analytics to get a better understanding of Google’s websites. If the owner of a website wishes to share its Google Analytics data with Google then Google can learn more about the advertising market and for this provide tools to help improve the effectiveness of any advertising or paid search terms that the website owner buys from Google.