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Desbruslais Chartered Surveyors - Giving The Bigger Picture

We find the website for Hove based Chartered Surveyors Desbrusias interesting with their domain name RD-Surveyors.co.uk using an abbreviation of the Surveyor Robert Desbruslais and the website branded Desbruslais Chartered Surveyors.

The large photograph format of the pages is eye catching however the important information depicted within the circles that appear on each page are not as easy to read particularly when viewing on mobile devices.

We note that there is a Blog but entries are not added very frequently. However the Twitter feed has more regular entries and has a growing number of followers.

The Contact Us page has an inviting up of coffee, which is a friendly approach and when clicking on the icon Ask a Surveyor you are navigated to AskASurveyor.co.uk

AskASurveyor.co.uk is an online Chartered Surveyor service, which is recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that is convenient and quick and saves clients money. This website is a different approach to property questions established by Robert Desbruslais.