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Urban rumours and internet myths

We carry out our own regular research on our websites and try and test the websites to ensure that they are Google-friendly. We Design by:




To make sure we are up to speed on how Google ranks searches and how to ensure your website is clear, aimed at your target market and easy to navigate.

Brochure style websites are a quick way to get your message across to your clients which we can provide swiftly with no fuss.

Reporting Format

We are constantly looking at our website’s performance using key performance indicators to improve and improve again our websites performance. When producing websites we use a 7 Stage plan to design, build and review websites:-

Stage 1: Website brief agreed

Stage 2: Website build begins

Stage 3: Website 1/3 Content added, formatted etc.

Stage 4: Website 2/3 Further keyword research, optimization of content and structure

Stage 5: Website 3/3 Further development optimizing for conversions and market strategies

Stage 6: Website Live – review period begins

Stage 7: Website review

Please take a look at some of our test websites which we are constantly updating and reviewing to add to our research philosophy.