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AdWords and Adsense

What are AdWords?

What is AdSense?

AdWords defined

In simple terms Google created what is called AdWords to market your services or products in the Google Search Engine through the use of placed pay-per-click text and banner advertisements.

Pay-per-click defined:

Via a bidding system for a series of phrases website owners can dictate where their advertisement appears only paying the amount they have bid if an individual clicks on the advertisement as a result of a website search.

Google AdWords has become popular with website companies as their start up costs are relatively low and provides potential profits for the website owners too.

AdSense defined

Google have also created a keyword scheme that enables website owners to gain revenue streams through content on their websites via Google advertisements. Google provides text, image and video advertisements to the websites built on the keywords embedded within the website’s pages which have been tailored with JavaScript code to undertake the advertisements. AdSense therefore means that when a visitor to your website clicks on the advertisement you share in the revenue.

Keywords defined:

Keywords are words that are relevant to your business and will assist in making sure your customers find you.

Keyword/s, in simple terms, are a word or phrase that is a topic of significance and helps internet searchers to find the information that they are searching for.

A keyword will help potential customers understand the purpose of your web page and will often view the page scanning it for the keyword/s they searched for.

Keywords help search engines understand the purpose of your website page so when crawling your page will index it according to the keywords present on the page.