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Quality Score

What is your web page Quality Score?

Google use a system whereby they rank your web page according to their Quality Score.  The Quality Score is a way to generate a sense of the quality of your Google AdWords ads and the landing pages that they are triggered to land on.  There are 3 key factors that will determine your web page Quality Score:-

  1. Anticipated click-through rate
  2. Advert relevance
  3. Landing page experience


A high Quality Score means that Google will believe that your advert and landing page are relevant and useful for the person that lands on your page from your advert.

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How is the Quality Score generated?

Quality Scores are generated from past performance data which is estimated on how well a particular keyword has performed overall in past advert auctions. Each keyword gets a Quality Score from 1-10 whereby 1 is the lowest score and 10 the highest.


What is a Null Quality Score?

A Quality Score of “-” means that there are insufficient impressions or clicks to precisely determine a keyword’s Quality Score.


What are Quality Score status columns?

Quality Score status columns give 4 values:-

  1. Quality Score
  2. Landing page experience
  3. Advert relevance
  4. Expected click-through rate (CTR)


What are Historical Quality Score columns?

Historical Quality Score columns state past data for the Quality Score across the 4 values denoted by (hist.)

You can find out data for a particular reporting period or particular day by adjusting the segment for example to ‘Day’ for your report.

Google AdWords historical data is available from 22nd January 2016 although if you use scripts or a third party to access this information should be unaffected and still be available to view.

Null Quality Scores

A Null Quality Score will be generated for each new keyword as your adverts run then your keywords accumulate performance and your Quality Score may alter.  Once you have received sufficient impressions you may find that your Quality Score will change.


Why are my keywords receiving a large amount of impressions but still have a Null Quality Score?

Keywords sometimes do not have enough exact match impressions and therefore score Null Quality Score.  Also, recent exact match impressions are also required to maintain a Quality Score – poor recent traffic = Null Quality Score.


Can you have different Quality Scores for the same keyword?

Yes, you can have different Quality Scores for the same keyword across AdWord campaigns or AdWord groups.

Quality Scores are made up of 3 elements:-


  1. Expected click-through rate (CTR)
  2. Advertisement relevance
  3. Landing page experience


  • which in turn are affected by factors such as:-


  1. Creatives
  2. Targeting
  3. Landing page


These and further factors can vary between Google AdWord Groups.  Therefore, if Google AdWords groups are not exactly the same different Quality Scores can result for the same keyword across campaigns or AdWord Groups.

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How does Quality Score vary from auction-time ad quality?


At auction time your Quality Score is not used to ascertain Ad Rank

At the moment in time that a website surfer carries out a search that triggers your ad is when your Ad Rank is calculated as it is at this time your ad is competing with others in the auction.


Which factors influence the Ad Rank?

The real time factors that influence the Ad Rank are for example:-

  1. Time of day
  2. Type of device used
  3. Location
  4. Nature of Search Terms,
  5. Language Preference
  6. Other Ads
  7. Other search results on the page

Etc, all aid to give a more accurate expected click-through rate, landing page experience and ad relevance.

In a nutshell, Quality Score is a more general estimate based on your past experience and is based on keywords.


What is Ad Rank?


If you look at Google search engine results for particular a keyword search your Google AdWord campaign result will appear in a certain order with position 1 being the highest at the top of the page.


Your ad may not always appear at the top of the page it can appear at the bottom of the page.


To score highly how can I help my Ad Rank position?


  1. Bid – your bid can be set to a maximum amount.
  2. Quality – the quality of your landing page and ad needs to be relevant and useful.
  3. Ad Rank Threshold – Google AdWords set minimum thresholds that an ad must achieve to perform in a certain ad position.
  4. Context – the term the surfer has searched is important along with the time of day, their location, which device they used etc.
  5. Ad Extensions – there is an option to include additional information which can aid your performance such as a phone number or link to another page on your website.