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Keywords and website optimisation

AKeywords are a great marketing tool for your website
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Keywords and SEO
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Keywords are extremely important when building a website and individual website pages. Keywords are the selling tool that you can use to attract visitors to your website and are words that Google recognises when someone surfs the internet.

Keywords are essential to promote your product or service and enable visitors to your website to understand what your website is primarily selling or promoting.

When building a website it is always good, as when carrying out due diligence, to look at your competitors and which keywords they are using.

There are many ways of using keywords and for analysing keywords too.

Keywords are a tool used with Google’s Adwords and a keyword planner is always a good starting point for SEO research.

Do not over stuff keywords

Remember though Google will not like your website if you over stuff the pages with keywords. It is essential for each page to be relevant and appropriate as after all you wish visitors to visit your website if they are interested in your product or service so over use of a keyword that is not relevant for example is detrimental to your website.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are a group of words or phrase that is relevant and most importantly specific to your website and are less common thereby focussing more on a niche and more easier for Google to rank the term. For example if looking for a summer holiday cottage in France using “vacation France” does not refine your search enough so long tail searches using “vacation house countryside Dordogne” which give closer results to what is being searched for.

Looking at competitors keywords

You can view your competitor’s keywords for free!

If your competition is frequently ranking higher on Google searches than you are then there are several reasons why this may be occurring. One could be that they are using better or more appropriate/relevant keywords. You can take a look at competition website keyword use very easily and it is absolutely free too!

Why would you want to see your competitor’s keywords?

1. To give you an idea as to which keywords you can use for your website

2. To see which keywords obtain higher organic search results

3. Understand why your competitors website is ranking higher than yours

How can I look at my competitor’s keywords?

There are several ways you can view your competitor’s website keywords.

View keywords via page source

To view a competitor’s website keywords using the “view page source” method is very easy and free too. Firstly click on your competitor’s website or a website that is similar to your website.


View Keywords Via Page Source

This reveals the html source code of the particular page that you are viewing.


Look for the keywords:-

1. Title tag

2. Meta description tag and

3. Keywords tag

What is a Title tag?

Your Title tag is very important as this is weighted highly by Google

What is a Meta description tag?

A meta description tag is the snippet that appears underneath the Title tag on the results page of the search engine search. This usually contains many keywords but Google does not use this for ranking purposes. This can be viewed as an advert for your website as a surfer can read part of the snippet which may or may not encourage them to then click on your website.

What are Keywords tags?

Keyword tags may not be present on every website/website page but it is still a good ideate to check to see if the keywords are listed here which keywords are used.

Example of keyword investigation

When building a Dilapidations Help website for building Surveyors we took a look at one of their competitors which was ranking high on Google searches at the time Dilaps UK.

The Home Page Title tag could be seen to be:

Dilapidations – Dilapidations Surveyors – Dilapidations Claim UK

The Home Page Meta name/description was:

Dilapidations – Welcome to Dilaps UK. We are the only Nationwide team of Dilapidations Surveyors specializing solely in commercial property dilapidations claims and assessments for both Tenants and Landlords.

The Home Page Keywords were:

Dilapidations, Dilaps UK, Dilapidation claim, commercial lease, dilapidation surveyors

Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is a way many people investigate which keywords are best for internet search engines to find and to check the competitiveness of keywords too. The Google Keyword Tool can be found within your Google AdWords page and will allow you to:

1. Search for new keywords and ad group ideas

2. View data on search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups

3. Receive traffic forecasts for a list of keywords

4. Multiply keyword lists to receive new keyword ideas

Search website URL’s instead
Another way of using the Google Keyword Tool is to enter the URL of the competitor’s website to see which keywords are associated when Google crawls the URL.

For example

Dilaps UK

Google Keyword Tool

Keywords are listed by relevance from high to low –

land surveys, structural survey cost, landlord rights, land survey, surveying jobs, land surveying, party wall surveyor, rental agreement and so on…

Free website keyword spy tools

There are many free and paid for website keyword spy tools one such free tool is Screaming Frog. The tool is used to explore/crawl competitors websites and is a tool that can be used for search engine optimisation diagnostics for example Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audits.

The important area here is to check the Title tags, Meta description tags, Heading tags and Keyword tags to observe what you competitor is targeting regarding keywords.

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This same exercise could be carried out for as many competitors websites that rank highly in search engines as possible as well as websites of other competitors in the surveying field more generally. Gathering this information is a helpful and free way of identifying what is working at the particular time of research but is also an exercise that needs to be repeated as new competitors arrive and existing competitors improve their search engine rankings.

Remember: There is an ever changing market place for all businesses large and small and an ever changing search engine results page too.

Remember: As Google and other Search Engines develop and update their systems you too need to be aware of any changes and adapt your website/keywords etc to adjust to the new strategies.