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Website help and support – once a website is live for awhile understanding how to improve the website to gain more traffic and more importantly more conversions is a scenario we explore on this page
Traffic may be high but if conversions are low the website is not working – find out more on this page.

Website Help and Support

Website help and support

The primary use for a website it to gain additional business for the website owner whether selling products or services. A website can look attractive to the viewer but if the viewer is not ultimately becoming a customer then the website is not functioning as it should be. If you launch a new website you will, in time, gain an understanding as to how the website is performing and be able to ascertain if customers are viewing the website and either adding items to a shopping basket, phoning or emailing etc. Behind the scenes of a website in the ‘back end’ SEO is imperative to attract website visitors using strong meta tag descriptions, key words etc as well as for example on a website where the goal is for potential customers to phone the company on a mobile device the phone number is clickable to connect the call making it simple and quick for the potential customer to call.
There are many websites with companies and individuals promoting that they can help you with your website to make the website more attractive to Google to make it high ranking and thereby attractive to customers as you will appear on the top of page one on Google searches.

Website Help

At Googlesorted we have carried out research into the help and support for website owners and have found a mixture of outcomes.

Website support then no website support!

Several websites offering SEO support and website training when we have telephoned or completed their contact us email have either not responded or responded by informing us that they no longer offer support. We had one instance whereby website support was offered and after a short time the support was withdrawn as the website guy decided to close his business and take on a teaching position.
We believe support should be offered to cover a sufficient period of time as the world is an ever-changing place and markets change and evolve so no business should sit back and believe that they will not need to change in the future.

Website initial support

Initial support when you are building a website should be gained where part of the help is to research what your competitors are doing and to ensure that your website is designed and built using the most appropriate keywords and content. All websites need to be transparent and the website content needs to be trustworthy and given with authority.

Do you offer Specialist Consultancy and Tailor Made Training Solutions for Website Owners and Businesses

Can you provide:-

Bespoke website training adapting to meet the needs of website owners and businesses
Specialist website expertise to support website owners and businesses
Help to generate new opportunities growing website traffic and meaningful conversions
If you are passionate about websites and supporting businesses to improve their websites call us now

Website reviewed and support given

Once any website has been ‘live’ for a sufficient period of time website support and guidance from SEO experts and website developers is helpful to ensure that your website is gaining customers. It is imperative to understand which pages are working and which are not working and to ensure that the end goal whether that be to telephone, complete a registration process, buy items etc is being achieved.
Levels of traffic are important but it is far better to have 10 people purchase products or services than 1000 people visit your website and do nothing. Google analytics helps to gain knowledge as to which pages are working and which pages are not and the path of clicks that a viewer of your website takes.

Markets change websites need to change too

In any business time brings change and therefore your website will need to change too. Your website, like any part of your business, needs to move with the times and regular reviews of its performance and research into how your competitors websites are evolving helps to make sure you are ahead in the market place.

Google Algorithm Updates

Being up-to-date on changes within Google are vital – for example Google Panda changed many website Google rankings due to poor content and Google Penguin updated Google’s searches whereby websites which manipulated the number of links were downgraded.

Regular website reviews

Regular website reviews are necessary to ensure your business gains the most it can from your website. Back end developer changes as well as front end content amendments and additions will keep your website up-to-date and help to gain new and repeat business.

Regular Website Reviews

Website training courses

There are many website training courses available from ones that help you to design and build your own website to one day seminars on how to improve your website to 1-2-1 training delivering personal guidance to expand your knowledge and improve your website.

One day website seminars

We have attended several one day website seminars whereby the presenter gives a presentation on how to for example improve your website rankings. Often however website seminars are a way that companies use to promote some of their other products or services so you may find that interspersed there is promotion for a DVD or guide book that will tell you more or by becoming a Platinum member you will be entitled to become part of an elite group that will have access to high value information.
These website seminars can also be events whereby data collection is another of their goals and you may find that you are bombarded with emails and pop up adverts to enroll on future courses.

Natural website improves v pay per click

Pay per click website campaigns are one way to gain higher Google rankings but as competitors add to their budgets you can find yourself in an ever increasing scenario to out bid your competitor to gain the best ranking.
Natural, organic ways to improve your website’s rankings are often small improvements that can enormously improve your websites position with natural searches. Engaging with your customer the second the web page opens with great copy and a clear message to call to action is what all website owners need to achieve.

1-2-1 Website Help

1-2-1 website help is offered by several website companies which can be carried out at your place of work be it in an office or at home or at a training centre. 1-2-1 website help can be gained to be tailor-made to your requirements to help and support you with your aims for your website and to given taking into account your knowledge and level of experience to support you in your development.
1-2-1 website support can offer you a one off period of time to help you with a specific area or follow up support can be factored in to ensure that you have a period of continuing support after the initial consultation. The follow up support is important as amendments to a website may require further work or as the conversion results change additional areas may require further development.