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Website Brief -  Take a Look at GEMSurveyors

Website Brief

GEM Surveyors are Independent Chartered Building Surveyors with many years of experience providing structural building surveys for both residential and commercial properties. GEM Surveyors provide survey reports with an Executive Summary written and illustrated to ensure you understand any property issues and the anticipated costs for any major work required to resolve property problems.

Website key factors

Emphasis of Unique Selling Point’s USP’s

RICS, ISVA, CABE & CIOB prominent

Friendly local Surveyors

Need a Building Survey? GEM Chartered Surveyors can help you

Instruct a report NOW!

Swift response to your property matters

Professional, clear, informative, Google-friendly and easy to navigate

Call to Action and phone number prominent

External and Internal links

Data capture

Key word and photograph rich

Web friendly colour palettes

One day a month website maintenance

Gemsurveyors.co.uk - Commercial Property Surveys
GEM Surveyors - Victorian and Edwardian Example Surveys

GEMSurveyors Website Brief after second website review

Improve website and website ranking to gain more traffic and sales conversions. Gain high natural search ranking on Google.

Who are GEMSurveyors?

Independent Chartered Surveyors
Surveyors are members of:-
Property experts giving professional, friendly property advice

1. Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association (ISVA)

2. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) with some members Fellows – FRICS

3. Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE)

4. The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Providing the best property surveys money can buy in the form of:-
– primarily wish to target house structural surveys
The marketing company for GEM Surveyors is 1st Associated Ltd – hence the branding on the website and links to the 1stAssociated.co.uk website

1. structural surveys also known as residential building surveys,

5. specific defect reports

2. property reports,

6. Disputes – Boundary, Party Wall etc

3. schedules of condition,

7. feasibility studies,

4. commercial building surveys,

8. strategic advice reports, etc.

Target Market

House/home Surveys – structural building surveys/residential building surveys
Generally people move every 7 years
Although many have not moved for the last 20-30 years dependent upon which part of the UK they are located
Two and three bedroom house dwellers move the most
Average Briton moves 8 times in their life

Repeat customers:-

Customer who had a survey with GEM Surveyors in the past moves house again
Property developer regularly buying and selling property
Property investor with a portfolio of properties

Target location for customers

Higher property value areas such as Harpenden, St Albans, Cambridge, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Beaconsfield, Woburn, Maidenhead, Crowthorne, Wokingham, etc, etc

Building Surveys Unique Selling Points:-

1. Independent Surveyors – independent of any financial institutions, estate agency, solicitors etc. – 100% impartial – we work only for you

2. Clear, detailed Executive Summaries

3. Property problems identified with action required

4. Estimated costs included in survey report

5. Surveyor will meet you at the property to discuss any concerns or plans

6. Fast response to your enquiry with surveys carried out quickly and hassle free

7. Unique survey sketches commissioned and included in reports to give a greater understanding of property issues or features/characteristics

8. Many, many high resolution, digital photos included in surveys as well as unique aerial view – 360 photos

9. 3D models and layout plans to aid with visualising the property, planning/designing extensions and alterations etc.

10. Local knowledge

11. Many, many years of experience

12. Experts with Listed buildings and all eras, types and styles of property

13. Provide free example surveys

14. Surveys are written in plain English free from jargon

Main competitors

ESurv – LSL Property Services Plc

Herts/Beds/Bucks competitors

Building-Surveyors.co/ Alan Rance Surveyors

Typical Customer

Purchaser of a residential or commercial property
Landlord or tenant wanting property help and advice
Property owner wanting help and advice
– emphasis of site to be primarily residential building surveys

How do Customers find your service?

Via our website

Social Media Accounts

None currently. Further research into pro’s and con’s of adding.

Review Aim

Gain more traffic and more leads and more conversions to sales

What do you want your website customers to do when they are on your website?

Phone or email
Currently Contact Us page link opens an email to 1stAssociated.co.uk which only gathers the potential clients email and is confusing as the email is to 1stAssociated
Improvements to be made.


We are based in Bedford – but prefer not to use address as concerned this will limit our traffic/appeal although understand that by inclusion it will gain trust and confidence in the site and not necessarily limit work to the location
Provide a nationwide service surveying properties across the UK
Concentration – Home Counties
Focus on high property value areas including Harpenden, St Albans, Cambridge etc.

Other domains that you own and/or link to the website


Aim to add better links from related organisations, companies etc.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics
YNH analysis

Keywords or phrases important for ranking

Further research into keywords/phrases

Adword Campaigns

None previously or currently
Looking initially for organic search results ranking highly

Website structure

Currently build using a template from YHN on a Plesk Control panel – limitations:-
Page layouts – formatting limited
Navigation – limited structure
Not totally responsive for mobile devices
Dated appearance

Move to WordPress

Client likes the look and feel of the current website and does not wish the new WordPress version to take on a typical WordPress appearance of a large photo banner with sections below.

Developer WordPress version of current site with improvements to include:-

Emphasis on call to action i.e. phone or email/contact us form
Good, clear navigation
Site Map


Improvements in all areas of SEO including:-
Meta tag descriptions
Back links

Test and Measure

Review website improvements and test and measure their results
Split testing
Ranking on Google/Bing etc
Customers calling/emailing

Key Performance Indicators

Traffic to website increases and thereby phone calls/emails to GEMSurveyors office.
High page rankings on Google and other search engines
More unique visitors staying on the pages for longer
??? – further indicators to be agreed

Website access

Access to be available to enable not only the developer to add material and amend but by client too.

Hosting company

Happy with current hosting company YourNameHere and wish to continue.

Website Build Deadline

March 31st 2017
Penalty due if not met.

Website Development Plan to improve website and increase traffic/conversions

After considering the elements of the Design Brief and Website Reviews a Website Development Plan is produced to outline steps, procedures and timelines for improvements to the website to increase traffic/conversions with key performance indicators to enable the website owner/company to ascertain progress and improvements.


An overhaul of the current website, transferring onto a WordPress platform staying with the same hosting company. The surveying company is happy with the current design although some elements need to be improved to be timeless/classic – easily adapted for future improvements when necessary.
Elements of work carried out by the website company and other elements carried out by Website Developer/SEO/Marketing experts. The elements/strategy and time frame to be agreed by both parties.
Overall target to create a website whereby the visitor phones or emails company for a residential building survey primarily in the Home Counties having found the answer they are searching for and being enticed to make an enquiry. Additionally to make the website more attractive to Google and other search engines with organic/natural high ranking, make the site fully responsive to mobile devices, easily navigable and informative.
The concentration initially to be high value property areas such as Harpenden, St Albans, Cambridge etc with the website viewer being lead through the 7-step sales process and information regarding GEM Surveyors expertise in Listed Buildings which is a profitable area of the surveying business.

Key Performance Indicators

1. Traffic to website increases and thereby phone calls/emails to GEM Surveyors office.

3. More unique visitors staying on the pages for longer

2. High page rankings on Google and other search engines

4. ??? – further indicators to be agreed

Keywords and long tail keywords

Further discussion/research as to the best keywords/long tail keywords to be used for example customers often will search for problems they experience with woodworm, wall cracks, dampness etc.

Web Pages:

1. Improvements to include taking the customer through the 7 sales steps, making pages more enticing, making content organised via landing pages etc.

2. News section with regular fresh content – to be discussed

3. Improve call to actions


1. Improve navigation with pages accessible from homepage and improve for mobile devices

2. Change page layout removing right hand column to a more effective layout.

Call to actions:-

1. Add contact us form

2. Add phone links so customer can click to make a call

Social Media:

To be discussed further
Inbound links:

1. Add meaningful inbound links from organisations/companies that are appropriate to surveying.

2. Further research required.

Text Content:

1. Include H1 and H2 tags for headings

2. Text to have continuity throughout website

3. Add links within main body text


1. Add a favicon

2. Amendments to banner

3. Add Alt Tags

4. Improve images and animated graphics that appear on the website

5. Amend image accreditations

Other notes:-

1. The description tag is longer than 160 characters on the web pages we’ve reviewed.

2. Web pages use the keyword meta tag which is obsolete.

3. Twitter cards and Open Graph is not set up for the website.

4. QR code in the footer isn’t necessary (they are most commonly used by mobile phone 
users in order to find a website). When clicked the QR code takes visitors to another website.

Website Reviews

We constantly review and update our websites and look at ways of improving traffic using SEO, good content, navigation and page layouts.

First Website Review

Not focused enough on Chartered disciplines and friendly local Surveyors. Add local pages such as Harpenden and St Albans.
Banner change to include RICS and improve
Change telephone number from free phone number to local 01234 355 358

Keyword activity

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building surveyors for Edwardian houses

Website Loading time

1.21 seconds


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StatCounter data

Last 3 months
Unique visits 226

Google Webmaster data

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GEMSurveyors Bedfordshire Area Pages

In order to gain higher traffic levels the county of Bedfordshire was highlighted to focus on additional pages targeting specific areas. Each page to have an emphasis such as:-

1. Picture rich

2. Internal and External links rich

3. Testimonials/Reviews

4. Videos

Each area to then be allotted Google AdWord campaigns to test and measure the traffic levels and conversion rates.

Area no Emphasis of Page Page framework created 1st Draft 2nd Draft Published
1 Informative, clear page with info, photos, testimonials, internal links, badges, and clear call to actions.
2 Picture rich, internal links rich
3 Text rich, internal links rich  
4 Picture rich, internal and external links  
5 3D model and floorpan video/image  rich  
6 USP’s and badges  
7 Photo rich
8  Testimonials rich  
9 Sketch rich    
10  Example Surveys rich    
11  USP rich  
12  House Surveys rich  
13 Picture and internal link rich
14  Text rich  
15 Text, photo, links, USPs..  
16  Building surveys rich
17  Video and photo rich
18 USP’s, internal links and text rich  

New landing pages for:-

House Surveys

Homebuyer Surveys

Structural Surveys

Building Surveys