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Video Selling Techniques with BombBomb

Video selling techniques with BombBomb

Using video to help generate sales

What is BombBomb?


BombBomb’s mission statement is

“BombBomb makes it easy to build relationships through email, text and social media.”


BombBomb was created in 2006 by Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey in Colorado Springs, both salesmen who knew that face to face sales was the best way to communicate.  Conor experimented with a video email to a client with a great result and launched BombBomb.  BombBomb is a way to send one-to-one videos to your clients or potential clients making a personal connection by sending a simple video.

The video is not a big attachment file or uploaded to YouTube and linked it is embedded into the email and automatically tracked.

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BombBomb Values:-


  1. Sales Relationships – built upon conversation – active, listening and honest feedback.


  1. Make Selling EnjoyableFun – laugh more live longer – make selling enjoyable


  1. Humility – always another angle – listen first – willingness to work with others strengths to complement your weaknesses – acceptance of mistakes and credit where credit is due


  1. Flexibility – adapt and change – different methods different people different approaches

By sending sales video via emails/texts/social media BombBomb claim it will:-


81% Get more replies

68% Convert more leads

56% Get more referrals


Effective, trackable communication


Video – a person speaking to you is the most effective way of communicating


Tracking – know who is opening, clicking and when they are playing your video and even more analytics


Scheduling – Send several video emails at once, timed to when you want them sent


Canned Responses – Save time with ready-made responses – new day/new prospect/same question


Reminders – Never miss a follow up or connection.  Reminders if your email has not been opened by a specific chosen time.


Email marketing – single platform that does it all – drag and drop, save time with email composer for one-to-one or full-blown marketing campaigns



BombBomb, like many other similar companies in this field offer a Free trial period then a stepped subscription to their service

Free 14-day trial

Individual / Individual Plus / Premium Setup


Benefits of using Video selling techniques via email / text / social media

Get more email replies

Get increased clicks on their website

More customers convert more leads

Report more referrals

Stay in touch more effectively


BombBomb like MailChimp and Constant Contact is set up for long-term email engagement, not just responsive messaging.

Competitors include:-


Set up by a salesforce manager Sati Hillyer and similar to BombBomb and based in San Francisoc, California


Jason Price and Jason Cooper founded Covideo in 2004 based in Indianapolis similar to


Video strategy and marketing technologies hub – all you need to know about how video marketing works.


Important questions you need to ask when considering video marketing

Which business system does the video need to be connected to? – integrate with CRM and your website

To find out if video is helping to achieve your sales goal which type of analytics is your preference for reporting? – if a video is embedded within a web page you can track for example the number of leads it has created and similarly the number of sales.

How many videos do you intend to create and use? – the size of storing videos i.e bandwidth and storage together with streaming requirements all need to be considered when deciding on a video provider.

What is your video strategy – production to distribution – choose the right solution to generate the right video for your company and distribution.

What size is your target audience and how many videos in what period do you wish to create/distribute? – this is very important when calculating bandwidth. On average it is suggested that approximately 5% of the audience will watch the video.

How are videos included in emails?


  1. Embedded videos
  2. Animated gifs
  3. Cinemagraphs


  1. Embedded videos


Embedded videos require HTML5 to be visible – some email accounts will not be able to play the video in the email.


  1. Animated gifs


Animated gifs are not true videos and do not work in Outlook.  They are easy to make.


  1. Cinemagraphs


Cinemagraphs are a mixture of video and static image looped without visible breaks or edits.



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