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Website Evaluation


Aftercrete Competition

Website One


Features and Benefits

Strong call to action top right phone and email

Informative banner highlighting services

Family run, experienced – Let us help – reassuring text

Strong banner photos

Mailing list sign up – although does not tell you what the benefits are for you doing this.

Small concise 6 page website



BSI, Constructionline, Safe Contractor Approved

Insurance photo which links to copy of 2011 insurance!



Concise description of company although second sentence would benefit from amending.


Our Approach:

Clear company aims bullet point style prominent to engage with website viewer.



This section would benefit from either sub titles or bolding of each service as the text tends to merge and each service is not quick to identify.



Clear, simple form would benefit from Captcha to help to prevent spamming



No FAQ/Q&A section



No Blog/News feature


Social Media:

8 Facebook followers – no link on website to Facebook page



Thames water, Sewer Connections, Sewer, sewage, foul, storm, London, Herts, Beds, Bucks, STD Civils, Leighton Buzzard, South East, Leaks, Repairs, Concrete, Kerbs, Footpath, Driveway, Tarmac, Water, Pipes, Thrustbore, Water, Burst, CCT, Surface water, london, foul, pipes


Above the fold:

Strong call to action phone number and email top right

First impression is good as it tells you from the imagery what the company does


Navigation and User experience:

Clear, simple, horizontal navigation

Left side navigation not ideal positioning


Load Speed:

3.94 s


Negative areas:

Not responsive

Left side Services section with links would benefit from being on the right side as eye line study shows this is not a strong position on a webpage

Insurance link out of date


Age of website:

Domain registered in Mar 2006


Position of website on Google search page:

Number 6 natural search


Date reviewed:

27 March 2018


Website developer:

Toolkit Websites

Website Two


Features and Benefits

Search facility

Home page instantly engages with website viewer to understand exactly what this company does

Good use of imagery and Let’s Go buttons – the text is inviting and set on a yellow background it is eye-catching

Good use of a case study and testimonials to gain website viewer confidence

Regular newsletter sign up – although does not explain the benefits of this

Three strong Why Use Us? Boxes – although could have buttons to lead you to


Quick Contact Form:

Five fields which keep the time to complete to a minimum – would benefit from a tag line along the lines of what will happen once you have filled in the form – call back within x hrs? Would also benefit from Captcha to help to prevent spamming.



No badges relating to the industry, charity badges on the About Us page


Sewer Connections:

Alternates from one huge sewer photo on banner to a narrower image which does not work perfectly as if you have scrolled down when the large image is showing then when the smaller image loads you are taken further down the page rather than staying on the part of the page you have started to read.


Commercial Contracts:

Page dominated by huge photos rather than content.

Why Use Us? – would benefit from being more focused to commercial customers on this page as it mentions domestic customers with Our Dedication



Rather shaky digger lift video, other videos static camera on timelapse as construction takes place. The most views are 990 for the Block and Beam Construction New House video



Friendly copy – “feel free to contact us”, “whatever is easiest for you”

Their four selling points are Qualified Staff, Prompt Service, Good Communication and Excellent Manners – although this section has missing images and overlapping of word

Good use of regular Twitter posts



Just three testimonials 2014,2016 and 2017 all give 5 star rating – could benefit from more reviews.


Downloadable Documents:

Fun, friendly “sticky” chap with speech bubble feature (a variety of these appear within the Grab Hire and Aggregates section)

Insurance link is not working



Latest 6 February 2018 – only two posts.

More regular posts via Twitter


Social Media:

33 Twitter followers, following 79, 63 Facebook followers, 4 Youtube subscribers



Septic tank manufacturers, water and sewer contractors,


Above the fold:

Dominance of large heading images tells the website viewer immediately what the webpage is about.  The search bar is given more prominence than the phone and email which possibly due to the turquoise colour against navy colour are not as eye-catching.


Navigation and User experience:

Clear, concise top bar navigation – would benefit from being “sticky”


Load Speed:

8.78 s


Negative areas:

No clickable email or phone number – on iphone these vanish from the top of the webpage altogether.

On the About Us page missing images and layout not so good on the Our Guarantees to You section

On the Sewer Connections page the banner images being different depths does not work well when you scroll down the page


Age of website:

Domain registered in Oct 2007


Position of website on Google search page:

Number 1 natural search


Date reviewed:

27 March 2018



Website developer:

Not identified

Website Three


Features and Benefits

Strong Call to Action phone number top right

Good use of company photos, so many websites use stock type images using their own photos makes company real and gives an honest and trustworthy feel to the website

Strong Request a Call back – together with the phone number at the top suggests that this company strongly wants customers to speak to via the phone

Back to top arrow

Areas covered – leads to specific landing pages for the different towns, an old SEO tactic to gain traffic to these landing pages



No badges which is surprising as would benefit to gain website viewer confidence


Groundwork and Drainage:

Good positioning of USP’s under the Why choose… section – Friendly Service, Highly Knowledgeable, 30+ years experience and Wide area covered

Ask us a Question and Contact Us Now both leading to Contact Us page

Would benefit from more information to the Groundwork & Drainage Info – the bullet points could link to pages describing service with case studies and/or testimonials



The layout to this webpage, Demolition Service and Operated Plant Hire webpages is similar to Groundwork and Drainage webpage with same Why choose… section and would also benefit from further information to the bullet points of service info



No Blog/news section – although Case Studies is set out in a Blog format


Social Media:

No social media


Case Studies:

Just two Case Studies from 2015

Very little detail in the description, would benefit from customer comment



Not available


Above the fold:

Instantly engages with the website visitor with the images helping to describe exactly what this website is about.

Strong Call to Action with phone number and request a call back

Professional feel to the website and strong blue/white colour theme


Navigation and User experience:

Good, clear navigation

Generally, one click and you are on the page you wish to find

No sub menus, quite a concise website so not necessary


Load Speed:

3.41 s


Negative areas:

More detail could be given regarding the services offered

Lacks badges to give confidence to the website viewer


Age of website:

Domain registered in Nov 2014


Position of website on Google search page:

Number 7 natural search


Date reviewed:

28 March 2018



Website developer:

CT Creative


Website One 6/10

Website Two 6/10

Website Three 8/10