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Website Brief - Take a look on NonTraditionalBuildingSurveys.co.uk

Website Brief

Non Traditional Building Surveys

After constructing www.nontraditionalbuildingsurveys.com a new website www.nontraditionalbuildingsurveys.co.uk built using WordPress was designed and built.

Specialist knowledge of Non Traditional Building Construction

Our Independent Building Surveyors are knowledgeable with non traditional building construction and give advice to our clients with non traditionally built homes.

Website key factors

Emphasis of Unique Selling Point’s

Experienced non traditionally constructed building Surveyors

Independent working for you

Quality of our surveys with aerial view 360 photos, thermal imaging cameras, latest equipment, plain English, unique survey sketches, Good, Bad and Ugly Executive Summaries, etc

Help with advise on thermal efficiency

Advice how to make property more mortgageable

Professional, clear, easy to navigate and Google-friendly

Data capture

Traffic generating

Information on non traditional construction

Internal and External links

Clear Call to Action on every page

Web friendly colour palettes

One day a month website maintenance

Nontraditionalbuildingsurveys.co.uk - Right To Buy
Nontraditionalbuildingsurveys.co.uk - Will I Get A Mortgage?

Surveys of Non Traditionally constructed properties

Part visual part investigation with limited opening up, thermal imagery etc
Full opening up – we inspect.

Three main types of Non Traditional Construction

Metal frame
Concrete frame
Timber frame
Concrete panel construction
Structural insulation panels
In situ concrete
One- offs

Google Trends

There is not enough search volume to generate information on non traditional building, non traditional building survey, non traditional building surveyor.


Building Research Establishment (BRE)
Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)
Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)
The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT)
Good Homes Alliance

Usable Buildings Trust

History of Buildings
Outline of different types of non traditional buildings and their characteristics
Typical problems with the different types of non traditional buildings.

Right to Buy

Policy that encouraged council owned property tenants to buy their homes with a financial incentive of a discounted market value. Pro’s and Con’s of the policy, history of the policy, types of Right to Buy properties.

Areas of Concern

Thermal efficiency
Will a mortgage be possible? – The building may not hold its value in the medium to long term, and therefore may not represent adequate security for a loan.
Estate Agents that specialist in non traditionally constructed properties
Mortgage lenders that offer loans on non traditionally constructed properties
Lifespan of building