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How to increase traffic to your website

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How to increase traffic to your website

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Key ways to make improvements to your website pages

Does your web page have a Value Proposition?

Need Help With Your Website?Does your web page tell the visitor what you do and why you do it?  This is a valuable proposition or mission statement.

This should be your Headline – H1 if possible

This allows the visitor to your page know exactly what they will get if they buy your product or hire your service or subscribe to your newsletter or read your blog.

Website Navigation

What are the benefits of Website Navigation?

The benefits of good Website Navigation are to:-

  1. Help the website visitor find what they are looking for
  2. Help the website rankings on search engines

Use as fewer clicks as possible for your website visitor to find what they are looking for and descriptive navigation.  Using description navigation will help search engines decide on the relevance of the page – for example What We Do – is too generic – Warehouse Schedules of Condition or Warehouse Building Surveys are clearer to communicate what you are selling.

Use empathy and not jargon  – empathy is a fantastic marketing skill

Call to Action Text

Clear Call to Actions – the website visitor is on your web page now you want them to do something and you need to tell them clearly what that action is.

Text should start with a verb such as

Get a Quote

Open an account

Go checkout


More information is not a call to action

Use of the 1st person I, me or my to tell your website visitor what to do helps for example

Download My Guide

Your Call to Action button text should make sense when asking either Would you like to ….? As well as I would like to…..

For example

Add to Wish List

Would you like to Add to Wish List?

I would like to Add to Wish List


Would you like to Get Directions?

I would like to Get Directions

Would you like a Free Quick Survey Quote?

I would like a Free Quick Survey Quote

Colours used on Call to Actions

The Call to Action colour should be a contrasting colour to your colour scheme for example if the website is predominately blue and white an accent colour such as yellow or warm orange will call attention to itself.

An attention grabbing colour will draw the eye of the website visitor to take the action to click on the button as well as the enticing text on the button.

3-metre Test

If you look at your website page from 3-metres away from your computer can you tell what your company does at a quick glance?

If not the message is not strong enough ensure your message is specific

Warehouse Surveyors experts providing comprehensive building surveys and Schedules of Condition

Get A Free Survey Quote

Sliding Headers/Carousels

Study by Erik Runyon found user interaction greatly decreases after the first slide and almost no one reads the fourth or fifth slide.

Keep slides to a maximum of three if you decided to use them.

Ensure your slides bring value to the viewer of the website page.

Social Proof

Social proof helps to entice others to sign up for a newsletter or download an ebook.

Industry influencers quotes endorsing your product or service provide excellent statements to why others should buy your product or service.



A page purely on Testimonials is often missed with no one visiting it however if you scatter quotes from great clients saying great things about your product or service throughout your website this can help.

Case studies and video testimonials can also add value to your website encouraging the website viewer to purchase your product or service.

Keep short and to the point with:-

Testimonial: Qualitative and personal appealing to the heart with emotion – e.g. Thanks so much for a fast turnaround on my building survey

Data and Statistics: Quantitative appealing to the mind with reason. – e.g. I saved 10% of the asking price thanks to the survey

Team Pages

People like to see people to like and trust before they purchase as it gives the website visitor a behind the scenes view of your company and what your culture entails.  People do business with People – let your clients see who they will be doing business with.

Each team member should have a separate page to enable search engines to rank each individual rather than adding them all on one page.


Mobile Friendly – fully responsive

Take a look at your Analytics to see how much traffic your website receives from mobile/desktop/tablet – most likely most traffic today will be from mobile devices and therefore it is.

Internal Linking

Always keep your website visitors (and search engine robots) moving by linking visitors to other pages on your website such as your contact form.

This strengthens your service funnel

  1. Your website visitor passes from authority from one page to another – search optimisation
  2. Your website visitor has landed on a high-value page and then moves onto a high-converting page (usability)
  3. Your website visitor is prompted via Calls to Actions – conversion optimization

sales funnel


Increase awareness by helping the website rank SEO


Guide website visitors to high-value high-converting pages – usability


Prompt website visitors to web page to take action via your contact page

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