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How to build Backlinks that are extremely powerful!

Quality over Quantity – Good Quality Links are best
Specialists in Search Engine Optimisation will tell you that backlinks are important and will help Google recognise your website and rank it higher on the Google search results page. Is this true and what exactly are backlinks? Here we look at backlinks and how they work.

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks added to your website, we are told, are a dead simple way to build extremely powerful back links that get your site to the top of Google.
Backlinks are a really simple concept but once you have a good understanding you will be creating much more powerful backlinks that achieve much better results.

What are orphan pages?

So here is how most people are building their backlinks – they just find a random site like Squidoo.com or Tumblr.com or whatever and they just create an account and they post their backlinks somewhere and then they move onto the next site. Now creating these types of backlinks will give you what are called links on “orphan pages”. They are called “orphan pages” because they are in the middle of nowhere and have no other pages on that site or anywhere actually linking to them they are on their own. This not only makes it extremely hard for Google to even find that page with your link on it in the first place but it also makes that page not very valuable in Google’s eyes and so your link isn’t worth a whole lot. Google basically thinks well, if none of the other pages of that site are linking to it, it can’t be that good can it! Basically these are pretty weak links.

How to create valuable links

Now a much more valuable link is from a page that has tons of other pages within that site linking to it. So, if you were to create a Squidoo page that had your link to it you would want tons of other Squidoo’s linking to you. Or if you have a Tumblr page linking to your site you would want lots of other Tumblr’s linking to you and the reason for this is because all of the link juice from the other pages outside will flow into your page which will make your link much more powerful.


It is pretty simple to build these links; literally all you have to do is just interact with the sites that you build your links on.
For example: You have just found a relevant forum to your niche and you have set up a forum profile and you have added a backlink in your forum profile to your site on that forum. So at the moment your forum profile page is very much an orphan page, there are no other pages within that forum that are actually linking to your profile, so it’s hard to find and it also makes your back link not worth a whole lot. But, this can easily be changed by interacting with the forum.
For example: If you make a post on that forum then your username will appear next to the post along with a link back to your profile page and suddenly your profile page is not an orphan page anymore. Now if you create a whole bunch of posts then you will have a whole bunch of links from different parts of that forum pointing back to your profile and your link becomes even more valuable.

Backlink from Squidoo Page
Backlink from Forum

Thanks buttons
But, you don’t have time to sit there and make a hundred different posts on every forum. Well the good thing is you don’t have to because there are other ways you can do this much faster for example many forums these days have a “thanks” button that allows you to thank a post that you “like” and every time you thank the post your username appears below that post along with a link back to your profile. So, you can just go through and thank a load of posts and get a load of links back to your profile in no time at all. You could go and thank 500 different posts and get 500 links on that forum pointing back to your profile page where your backlink is and now you are starting to talk powerful.

Adding friends
Or, there are forums where you can add “friends”. Many forums do this and as a result when you add someone as a friend it will chuck your username on their profile so what you can do is just go through and find a bunch of the most established users on any forum with the highest posts counts and then just add them as friends then boom you have links to your profile from other profile pages that have thousands of links pointing towards them.

Backlinks From Forum Posts

So, in just ten or fifteen minutes you can create an incredibly powerful backlink on an incredibly relevant website that is probably more powerful than one hundred links from orphan pages. But this does not just apply to forums it can actually work with all kinds of sites in fact most sites these days are inter-active and will give you a link back to your profile page every time you interact with that site in some way. This can be by:-

  1. Commenting on stuff
  2. Adding people as friends
  3. Liking things

For example: On Tumblr.com you can just like other people’s posts and boom you get a link back to your profile. Or on Pinterest.com you can just follow someone and you will get added to the followers tab on their profile. Basically, most sites have a way to do this and it is really not hard to figure out. So, stop building bad links and go for quality over quantity and it is said by SEO’s that it is guaranteed that you will start to see your results improving.
Jay Wessman of LazyAssStoner is an SEO expert and promotes backlinks carried out as detailed above and has many other SEO strategies.