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Online Facts and Figures that will make you think again about your online presence

According to Google 88% of small businesses fail to take advantage of online shopping
Did you know that 88% of consumers, in a Google Mobile Movement Study, who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours
72% of consumers, according to Search Engine Land, trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people
Your online presence is more and more important and as Google changes you will need to be up-to-date with its developments in order to stay top of Google search engine rankings.

Google’s Top Ten Tips for building user friendly websites

1.Identify your firms goal online
Itza Google-Sorted achieve this through a Website Brief READ MORE

2.Make content easy for users to digest
A big area we are always keen to help with and improve is digestible content. Website with poor content or low content obviously do not work.

3. Break up long paragraphs with bullet points to make reading easier

This is how we break up content into easy to read 1stAssociated.co.uk

4.Use Call to Actions such as Buy it Now
What do you want the website surfer to do on your website? Phone you? Buy something?
We always design and position Call to Actions to be clear, easy to see and easy to use take a look at some of our examples below with Calls to Action highlighted using red circles and ovals

5. Clear site navigation

Clear site navigation is of paramount importance to enable your visitor to move to appropriate pages of your site easily keeping them on your website for longer increasing the probability of taking action i.e. making a purchase, phoning or completing an online registration form
For example take a look at one of our websites SEE MORE

6. Make logo’s that are eye catching

Your company identity/branding/logo is obviously incredibly important and no doubt developed and refined over the years you have been in business. On a website researchers have found that the eye is naturally drawn to the top left corner of the screen and this is where your branding should be positioned.
Below is an example of an eye catching logo we have developed – the “heart” theme added to the website creates an ethos that the Building Surveyors “love” Listed Buildings as no doubt the owners or potential owners of Listed Buildings do and thereby creates a synergy between client and Surveyor.
The “heart” theme is then continued throughout the website to further endorse Listed Building Surveyors care about Listed Buildings.

1stAssociated.co.uk - Call To Action
ChurchSurveyor.co.uk - Call to Action
GEMSurveyors.co.uk - Call to Action
DilapsHelp.co.uk - Call to Actions

7. Strike a balance between the volume of text and use of images

We have tried text rich websites and also image rich websites tested and measured the results and we can use this information to help you.

8. Ensure photos and images are clear and relevant

We would add unique and your copyright! We endeavor to use only our own copyright

BritishListedBuildingSurveys - Home Page Logo
BritishListedBuildingSurveys - Heart Logo

9. Include a phone number when appropriate

A phone number helps with audience trust
A phone number is a “Call to Action” if that is the action you wish your website visitors to carry out. If so the phone number needs to be clear and appear on every web page.
Take a look at one of our websites 1stAssociated.co.uk and see if you can find a web page that does not have the free phone number!
The “Jury is Out” with regard to freephone numbers v landlines v mobiles – we have experience of testing and measuring these types of phone numbers and the demographic and traffic results across many different companies providing a diverse range of products and services.
Some companies however do not wish customers to phone and would rather they complete an online enquiry form, join to become a registered member and i.e. gather customer data first. These company websites, of course, therefore will often only include a phone number on a selected few pages and not predominantly on every page.

10. Try to include some pages with the Terms and Conditions of your business

Terms and Conditions again helps with audience trust.
This can appear as a web page and/or a downloadable document.
Click on the link below to see an example which is both a web page and downloadable PDF document we created for one of our clients