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Sales Communication Skills


To consider key sales communication skills required by a successful salesperson

1. To be a successful sales person you need to be a skilled communicator

Most people reject new information when it conflicts with their existing thoughts

Skilled Communicator

2. The 4 main elements to effective sales communication are:
2.1 Receiving information

Most people reject new information when it conflicts with their existing thoughts

2.1.1 Listen to the client

2.1.2 Give the client room to talk without interrupting them receiving information

2.1.3 Say encouraging things like ‘ok, yes, right’ to let the client know you are listening

2.1.4 Show interest and respect and listen to the client’s opinions even when they are different to yours

2.1.5 Focus and give the client your full attention

2.1.6 Retain the information by making notes

2.1.7 Recall the important points, an example would be;

Receiving Information

‘So your main concern is the cracking in the lounge under the main window?’

2.2 Questioning

2.3 Clarifying

2.3a Ensure you understand the client’s needs by summarising. An example would be

‘So just to clarify Mr Jones you are taking on the lease of a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Wheathampsted and require a Schedule of Condition?’

This demonstrates to the customer you listened and understood

2.4 Giving Information

2.4.1 Explain things clearly

giving information2.4.2 Talk confidently (if you are not confident in what you are selling the client won’t be either!)

2.4.3 Feel comfortable giving negative or bad news

An example would be;

‘Unfortunately we cannot give a written valuation on the property but our surveyors are more than happy to give you a verbal valuation based on what they feel the property is worth as long as you understand that this could be very different to what the lenders value the property at’

2.4.4 Be careful not to use jargon

2.4.5 Be sensitive to the moods and different types of customers

2.4.6 Pause regularly

2.4.7 Recognise if you are talking to fast

2.4.8 Ask the client if there is anything you haven’t explained clearly and if they say yes apologise and explain again

Giving Information

3. Clients Buying Signals

3.1 The client may ask detailed questions about the price

An example may be;

‘Can we pay the surveyor on arrival?

3.2 The client may clarify details and go back over information you have covered

An example may be;

So you said you could get a surveyor out to us on Thursday?

3.3 The client may look for reassurance

An example may be;

‘Do you think we really need a full survey as it’s a new build?’

3.4 The client may make a statement

An example may be;

3.5 The client may respond with positive noises

For example;

‘Ok, right, yes, great, I understand’

Get a Surveyor Out