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Sales – Customer Meetings


to explore the stages of a customer meeting and to consider the techniques to manage customer meetings

1. The stages of a customer meeting/call should be as follows:-

1.1 GREETING – An introduction of your name and company name

An example would be;

Good morning Mr Smith this is Tara from “company name”

1.2 INTEREST – This is when you generate interest and gain the customers attention

An example would be;

You left an enquiry regarding a building survey in Kensington with ourselves

1.3 FACT FIND – Identifying customers’ needs and what is important to them by asking questions

An example would be;

Can I ask the reason you require a survey?

How quickly are you looking at having the survey carried out?

1.4 TURN ON – Provide the prospect solutions with benefits that meet their needs

An example would be;

Let me just explain how we can help you. All of our surveyors are members of the RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are all independent meaning they are not tied in with any banks, building societies or estate agents. If you instruct one of our surveyors to go ahead he will come out to the property and will inspect from top to bottom, inside and out. Any spaces he can access such as roof space he will and if he finds any defects with the property he will advise you of what the problem is, what you need to do to put it right and also give you approximate costs on putting it right.

2. The different personality types we are likely to come across are-

2.1 Amiable – warm and friendly, supportive, sensitive, caring

2.2 Visionary – Enthusiastic, Creative, Energetic, Outgoing and Passionate

2.3 Driver – To the point, abrupt, appears cold or hardnosed, fast moving

2.4 Analyst – Organised, Disciplined, Formal, Reserved

1.5 EVIDENCE – Provide proof claims (i.e. example surveys, testimonials) – reassure the prospect you can deliver on the promises made

An example would be;

I will email you an example of one of our building surveys so you can have a look for yourself at the content and standard of our reports.

1.6 DECISION – Attempt to gain a decision from the prospect to either buy or commit to the next stage of the sales process (A sales person should make the decision making process as easy as possible for a customer)

3. How to deal with these different personality types:-

3.1 Amiables – be warm and friendly, sensitive and caring, acknowledge their feelings, be relaxed and not too formal

3.2 Visionaries – Show passion, be enthusiastic, be creative, show respect for their ideas

3.3 Drivers – Limit small talk, get to the point quickly, be clear and concise, be very specific

3.4 Analysts – Provide detailed information, be logical, be thorough

A sales person has a distinct advantage over any marketing materials in that they can hold a dialogue which encourages a two-way conversation and they can respond to each customer’s situation and requirements in a way no marketing material can.

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