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Sales – Motivation for buying


understanding factors that potentially motivate customers and to consider the difference between the attributes of the solution that you are selling and the potential benefits for your target customer.

Key points:-
The 6 Key Reasons People Buy:-

1. Saving or financial gain

1.1 Clients that have a residential building survey with us could potentially save money if costly problems are found with the property.

2. Image and ego

2.1 Customers feel better when buying from a company with a good image so it is very important our website displays a good, positive and professional image

3. Health and wellbeing

4. Safety and Security

4.1 The fact that all of our surveyors are RICS registered gives client’s peace of mind and increased protection. Making a safe decision gives the client security.

5. Comfort

6. Pleasure and happiness

6.1 We must always make sure our clients have a good experience when dealing with us from start to finish. From using one of our many professional websites to speaking to the sales person to meeting the surveyor at the property to speaking to the secretary typing the report. Everybody needs to play a part in making dealing with the surveying company a pleasurable and happy experience for our client.

People buy because they need but also because they want:-

The things people buy provide them with benefits

Products and services have features and people buy because of the benefits the features provide

We should aim to make the benefit specific to our customers’ needs

Below is a list of our USP’s (Features and Benefits that are unique to our company and hopefully different from our competitors)

Long Established Surveying Company Less risk, safe choice
Nationwide Coverage Surveyors have good local knowledge
Independent Surveyors – not owned by banks, building societies or estate agents When we are working for our customer we completely have their best interests at heart
We will send an example survey before clients book with us The client can see exactly what they are getting beforehand
We are fast The client is able to make decisions quickly as the report is usually turned around within 3 days of the visit
We use the latest technology Peace of mind
We advise our client of the problem, solution and cost A great negotiating tool.
Our surveys are written in plain English, any technical terms are avoided and if they cannot be avoided they are defined Easy to understand surveys
We use photos and unique sketches within our reports Makes any problems easier to understand
We use coloured ovals and circles The customer can easily see exactly what they should be looking at
You can meet the surveyor at the property The client can walk around with the surveyor and ask as many questions as they like and any problems found can be shown first hand. It is also another chance for the client to have a look at the property
Our website has 1000’s of informative articles Gives solutions to certain problems
We use all the latest equipment Peace of mind
We take lots of photos and have the ability to store for many years. We can also send a CD of the photos Peace of mind
All of our surveyors are members of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Safe Choice
Value for money surveys Our building surveys are great value for money compared to what they can save you if costly problems are found with the property
Real People Within office hours you can always speak to a real person

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