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Sales Questioning Skills


to examine sales questioning techniques Identifying a potential prospects needs by questioning to build a strong sales case is a very important skill of a sales person

1. Open questions

1.1 An open question encourages a more detailed answer

1.2 Open questions usually start with What, Why, How, Who, Where, When and Which

1.3 Examples of open questions would be;

1.3a What type of property are you looking at buying, is it a semi-detached, terrace, flat?

1.3b Why are you looking at having a survey carried out?

1.3c How many bedrooms does the property have?

1.3d Who is the property being marketed by?

1.3e Where in the UK is the property?

1.3f When are you looking at having the survey carried out?

1.3g Which type of card will you be using for payment?

3. Use questions to uncover the prospects needs in areas you can satisfy

3.1 An example would be;

How important is it that you are able to meet your surveyor at the property?

(We can meet this need hence asking the question and this also helps to move the customers thought process away from just the price!)

5. And finally remember most clients have a buying criteria, these are usually quality, price, speed and service;

5.1 Quality

The prospect may want to know if our surveyor is RICS registered as this is a sign of quality to a potential prospect

5.2 Price

The prospect may be very price focused so would want to know whether our survey price is within their budget

5.3 Speed

The prospect may want to know how long it will take to receive the completed report as time may be the most important factor to them

5.4 Service

The prospect may be very focused on the standard of our service and what’s included in our reports.

2. Closed Questions

2.1 Closed questions encourage a yes or no and are useful if you require a straight answer

2.2 Closed question start with Would, Could, Do

2.3 Examples of closed questions would be;

2.3a Would you like the survey in your name?

2.3b Could you send me your solicitors details once you have instructed a solicitor for any future remarketing we may carry out?

2.3c Do you have a debit or credit card?

4. Questioning technique’s

4.1 Be natural in your use of questions. Use words and sentences that come natural to you. Don’t sound robot-like!!

4.2 Use words that are meaningful to the client. Do not try to sound clever by using jargon.

Different customers will have different priorities

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